Administration will investigate violations of the school discipline policy and will take appropriate and prayerful action as deemed necessary.

GRACE reserves the right to conduct a search of any student’s personal property when there is reasonable cause to believe they have possession of illegal or unauthorized materials. Student lockers are the property of GRACE and loaned to students for their use. GRACE reserves the right to inspect lockers and their contents at any time deemed necessary by the administration. If any illegal or unauthorized items are found, such items will be confiscated. Local law enforcement will be contacted in the event that illegal items are discovered.

Parents may be required to attend a meeting where the violation will be discussed. Failure to answer, fully and truthfully, an inquiry during the course of an investigation concerning a violation of school discipline policy constitutes an obstruction of such investigation and is grounds for discipline itself.

Persons may provide information in confidential fashion if they desire. However, uncorroborated information provided in such a manner will not provide the sole basis for disciplinary action. There is no right to receive the identity of any individual providing information which forms a basis for disciplinary action.

Last modified: 8 July 2019