The GRACE dress code is designed to serve as a guide to students and their parents on the proper attire for our student body. Knowing how to present oneself properly within the school community prepares students for future professional environments. Our desire is to partner with families to instill this important life skill.

A young lady or gentleman should be dressed in such a way to respect and honor God, themselves and others. Clothing should be neat, appropriate and professional.

GRACE Dress Code – Neat, Appropriate, Professional

General Guidelines

Students are to be neat and well-groomed. All attire must be neat, professional, and appropriately sized – not too small or tight and not too large or loose-fitting.

Tops (Shirts, T-Shirts, Collared Shirts, Sweaters, and Sweatshirt)

Tops that are appropriate:

  • GRACE T-Shirts
  • Collared shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters that are plain in color, patterned and/or striped
  • Tops that have appropriate college/university logos, and professional and college sports teams, and athletic logos are permitted
  • Brand name or logos on tops must be no larger than the palm of your hand on the front of the shirt
  • Face coverings have the same dress code guidelines as tops

Tops that are not appropriate:

  • Tops must be long enough to cover the midriff and the bottom of the top must fit appropriately below the waistline
  • Tops should not be sleeveless
  • No tank top type shirts
  • Tops must cover all parts of the chest
  • Tops may not be sheer or show any undergarments or come off the shoulder
  • Plain white or gray undershirts, cropped tops, tank tops, and shirts from other high schools are not acceptable
  • Tops should not have any reference to any specific band, musician, or concert tour
  • No athletic jerseys (NFL, NBA, NHL, etc)
  • Tops shouldn’t have graphics such as (Superheroes, cartoon characters, anime characters, etc.)
  • Students should not wear their GRACE athletic team uniform or any team warm-up to school
  • If students choose to wear layers (with sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts), the shirt underneath the top layer must also be in dress code
  • Inappropriate writing/graphics (including racial language or imagery, sexual language or imagery, violent language or imagery, or political language or imagery) is not acceptable
  • Tops should not have any politically focused attire relating to specific candidates or movements


Pants that are appropriate:

  • Appropriate khaki pants, chino pants, and jeans may be worn every day
  • Chino pants can be cargo or jogger-style pants
  • Pants should be appropriately sized, sit securely at the waist
  • Belts should be used if pants are unable to sit securely at the waist

Pants that are not appropriate:

  • Frayed and torn jeans or pants are not allowed
  • Sweatpants, athletic pants, athletic joggers, yoga pants, spandex leggings, flannel pajamas, or athletic shorts are not allowed
  • Pants, including jeans, must be loose-fitting. Fabrics may not be sheer; no undergarments or outline may show
  • Students are not allowed to wear their GRACE team uniforms or team warm-ups

Shorts that are appropriate:

  • Appropriate khaki pants, chino pants, and jeans may be worn every day
  • Chino shorts can be cargo type pants

Shorts that are not appropriate:

  • Shorts must be no more than 4” above the crease at the back of the knee. For uneven hemlines, the shortest part of the hemline may be no more than 4” above the middle of the knee

Skirts and dresses that are not appropriate:

  • Dresses and skirts must be no more than 4” above the crease at the back of the knee
  • Leggings may only be worn under a dress code length skirt/dress but the dress must still be no more than 4” above the crease at the back of the knee requirement.
  • For uneven hemlines, the shortest part of the hemline may be no more than 4” above the middle of the knee. Long shirts are not dresses.


Shoes should be worn at all times.

Shoes that are appropriate:

  • Sneakers, dress shoes, leather shoes, boat shoes, leather sandals, Crocs with a strap
  • Elementary school students must have heel straps or closed backs

Shoes that are not appropriate:

  • Athletic slides, flip flops, and non-leather sandals


  • Hair color should look natural (including color and highlights)
  • Hair should be neat and well groomed
  • Hair should not cover eyes
  • Appropriately sized necklaces are permitted in the school environment
  • Gentleman: Face must be clean-shaven (sideburns no longer than the bottom of the ear)
  • SENIORS ONLY: May have neat facial hair
  • Pierced ear jewelry is appropriate for the classroom environment for ladies only
  • No body piercings

Accessories (Hats, Jewelry, etc.)

  • Visible tattoos are not appropriate in the school environment and should be covered at all times
  • Head coverings such as hats, bandanas and hoods are not permitted inside the school
  • Sweatshirts with hoods may be worn, but the hood may not be worn in the building
  • Sunglasses may only be worn inside in the case of a medical need
  • No cross-gender dressing is permitted within the GRACE Christian School community
  • Face coverings have the same dress code guidelines as tops

GRACE Spirit Day

These are fun days for our community and fun to see students show their school pride. We ask students to be mindful of our dress code standards as they dress up. Even on special spirit days, athletic-type pants and shorts are not allowed unless it is stated in the spirit day guidelines (example pajama day). Each Spirit Day will give out specific guidelines.

Change of Clothing

We encourage all students to have a change of clothing (extra top, bottom, belt, socks, etc.) on hand in case of an emergency or a student is out of dress code and needs to change. Students who are out of dress code will either need to contact home and clothing will be brought to them or they must use their extra clothing on hand. GRACE may provide clothing to change into if needed.

The administration has the final authority on the appropriateness of student attire. If a student is unsure if they can wear a certain piece of clothing, they may ask the Assistant Principal (TK-6) or Dean of Students (7-12) for clarification before they wear it.

Dance Dress Code

Here is a helpful guide when shopping for your formal dresses to know what is appropriate and acceptable for our young ladies at GRACE. The emphasis for all dresses is modesty, which is partially a function of the cut of the dress, but also a function of the shape of the girl wearing the dress. Therefore, a dress may be modest and approved for one girl yet be immodest and inappropriate for another due to differences in height, weight, and body shape.

  • Regardless of the neckline, dresses must not reveal cleavage.
  • Strapless dresses are appropriate when modest (see above) and well-fitting. Sweetheart necklines will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Dress length is measured from the highest point of the opaque fabric for all hemlines and must be no more than four inches above the knee (measurement is from the crease in the back of the knee to the highest portion of the hemline). Lace or sheer fabrics are not included in the measurement. Hi-lo dresses are measured at the highest point of the opaque fabric (front, back, or side).
  • Dress slits should be no more than four inches above the knee.
  • Midriffs must be completely covered (no see-through materials or cut-outs), no two-piece dresses unless the top completely covers the skirt even with arms raised.
  • Dress backs cannot be lower than the bottom of the rib cage.
  • Sides of dresses must extend from the front of the dress all the way under the arm so that there is no flesh on flesh contact between the arm and the torso. Sides of dresses must be solid with no cut-outs.
  • Dresses that are cut to be form-fitting must not be skin tight and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

GRACE Athletics Game Day Attire

Team jersey tops can be worn for the OPENING HOME GAME and LAST HOME GAME of the regular season.
Team jersey tops can be worn for special events when approved by the Athletic Director such as: Senior Night, Tailgate Bash, Homecoming, and Play for Kay.
This applies to the following teams ONLY:

  • JV and Varsity Football
  • Girls Lacrosse
  • Varsity Boys Tennis
  • Varsity Boys Golf
  • Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer
  • MS Boys and Girls Soccer
  • MS and Varsity Baseball

Some jerseys do not conform to our school-day dress code standards (because of the nature of the uniform top), so in alignment with our current dress code policy, the following teams can wear a GRACE approved team t-shirt, hoodie, or warm-up top on game days:

  • Volleyball
  • Girls Tennis
  • MS and Varsity Cross-Country
  • Varsity Track & Field
  • Cheerleading
  • Basketball
  • Swimming

In addition to this:
Any GRACE Athletics team can wear their team t-shirt, hoodie, or warm-up top on any game day.
Student-athletes are NOT to wear sweatpants or warm-up pants on game days nor any pants or bottoms that do not align with the GRACE dress code policy.

Last modified: 2 November 2021