Parents are able to access student grades at any time through the FACTS (formerly known as Renweb) student management system. Report cards are issued at the end of each semester.

Grades are based on capstone assignments, class participation, tests and exams. Seventh and eighth graders take semester exams that count 10% of the semester average. High school course exams or capstone assignments count 20%. For middle school students enrolled in high school courses, the exams or capstone assignments count 20%. The average of the semester grades creates a final grade for the course.

Report cards may also reflect concerns in the areas of social and emotional development and work habits. Neither report cards nor transcripts will be issued to students with outstanding accounts with the bookkeeper, librarian, or athletic department.

On a four-point grading scale, Honors classes receive an extra half point and Advanced Placement® classes receive one extra point.

Percentages and Grade Equivalents

A+ 97 – 100 B+ 87 – 89 C+ 77 – 79 D+ 67 – 69 F 0 – 59
A 94 – 96 B 84 – 86 C 74 – 76 D 64 – 66
A- 90 – 93 B- 80 – 83 C- 70 – 73 D- 60 – 63

Home School and Transfer Student Transcripts

Homeschool students receive a Pass/Fail for their classes unless they were taken through an accredited educational institution. While they do receive credit for these courses, any course designated Pass/Fail will not be used to calculate student’s grade point average.

The grades for transfer students who were previously enrolled in a United States high school are included in the calculation of a student’s grade point average.

The grade point average for international transfer students will be based only on classes taken while enrolled at GRACE.

Last modified: 19 July 2021