Bus Drivers

  1. Buses shall only be driven by drivers with appropriate state licensing and endorsements. Additional school training is also required.
  2. Drivers must submit to a criminal record check.
  3. Drivers must maintain a clean driving record.
  4. The bus driver is responsible for the safety of the bus and all passengers
  5. A pre-trip safety inspection must be completed by the bus driver before each trip.
  6. Drivers must verify the condition of the bus before and after each trip.
  7. Buses must be signed in and out by the driver for each trip.
  8. Trips should be detailed in the trip log, kept in each notebook for each bus.
  9. Bus drivers must always carry a cell phone and the school must have the cell phone number of each driver.
  10. Drivers must bring the bus to a complete stop at all railroad crossings.
  11. The driver should remind the teachers/coaches to have the students/athletes pick up all their trash and get all their belongings when leaving the bus.
  12. After each trip the driver must make sure all windows are closed, trash has been picked up, and left items are taken inside the school.
  13. Drivers should notify the Transportation Coordinator if a bus has been left exceptionally dirty after a trip.

Athletics – Student Drivers

Only student-athletes who have permission to drive to and from school will be able to drive themselves to and from practices and games. Student-athletes are only allowed to drive themselves if a current driving permission slip is on file in the office. Other student-athletes may not ride with student drivers (to practice or a game) unless the required permission slips (see appendix) have been signed by both the driver’s and the passenger’s parents.

Last modified: 10 June 2021