The student is responsible for reporting any technical issues affecting the performance of the device to the teacher in the classroom or to a member of the technical staff or administration. This needs to occur in a timely manner.

All physical damage must be reported immediately to a responsible adult. It then must be reported to the IT Department as soon as possible. The IT Department will arrange for repair and a loaner device as needed.

Maintenance & Repair Information

If a device is deemed intentionally damaged, or if damages are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the student is responsible for the full cost of the repair. If a student damages a device continually, the incident will be thoroughly reviewed to determine if additional consequences or restrictions will be needed.

Several Restrictions Apply:

  • Dishonest, Fraudulent, Intentional or Criminal Acts: Will not pay if damage or loss occurs in conjunction with dishonest, fraudulent, intentional, or criminal acts.
  • Misuse and abuse due to negligence: Will not pay if damage occurs in conjunction with not following the guidelines outlined within this document.
  • Loss: The student who loses his or her device will be responsible for the full replacement cost.
  • Payment and Repair Fees: All repair fees must be paid in full before a device will be returned or reissued.

Loaner Devices

GRACE is committed to students continuing work when encountering technology problems. The GRACE IT Department will attempt to repair the malfunctioning device as quickly as possible. If available, a loaner device will be issued for the student to use while the affected device is repaired and returned.

Last modified: 10 July 2019