GRACE uses a variety of communications methods to keep parents, staff and students aware of important events. Open, honest, biblically-based communication is strongly encouraged. All communication should be respectful and in the spirit of cooperation. It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to provide all official school communication and any other requested information to the non-custodial parent in a timely fashion, except if directed otherwise by the custody agreement.

When seeking to communicate on a particular subject, communication should begin at the appropriate level as follows:

Parents/Students to Faculty

  • All concerns about the classroom must first be presented to the teacher by the parents, or if the student is mature enough, by the student himself. A respectful demeanor is required at all times.
  • If the problem is not resolved, the parent and/ or student may bring the concern to the principal. If the student brings the concern, he must have permission from his parents to do so. If the problem is still not resolved, the parents should submit the matter, in writing, to the Head of School.
  • A parent conference may be requested as needed.
  • Email communication is preferred. Please do not text teachers concerning school-related issues/questions.
  • All communication between GRACE employees and students should be documentable and trackable.

Faculty to Parents

  • Faculty should respond to parent telephone calls or email messages within 36 hours.
  • A formal parent-teacher conference is offered during the first quarter.
  • Conferences will be arranged as needed for any student who is experiencing academic and/or behavioral difficulties.
  • If a parent and teacher cannot resolve a difficulty, the principal may be contacted.
  • Faculty should address parents in a polite manner via email and in person.

Parents to Administration

  • Prior to approaching the principals, all concerns about the classroom must first be presented to the teacher by the parents or student.
  • If the parents have a grievance or dispute about the general operation of the school (apart from the operation of the classrooms), they should bring their concerns to the Head of School.
  • If the situation is not resolved, they should present their concerns, in writing, to the Board of Trustees.
  • This procedure also applies to Board members who are acting in their capacity as parents and not as representatives of the Board.

Email & Weekly Newsletter

Email and the GRACE weekly e-newsletter (#AmazingGRACE) are utilized to put information directly into the inbox of your e-mail account. It is the parents’ responsibility to utilize these communication channels and acquaint themselves with pertinent information. You may also find GRACE news and announcements on the GRACE website.


FACTS (formerly known as Renweb) is used by the office to record contact information for each family. Emails sent from the school will utilize the email addresses input by each family into FACTS. Please make sure that you update FACTS if you move or change phone numbers so that, in case of emergency, we will be able to reach you as quickly as possible.

FACTS Family Portal (ParentsWeb)
FACTS is accessible to all parents under the brand name, ParentsWeb, for the purpose of viewing their student’s attendance, grades, ordering hot lunch, paying school fees and updating personal contact information and preferences.

When logging into FACTS, our school’s district code is GRACE-NC

Parent Alert Permissions
The Parent Alert is a notification module within FACTS that is used for emergency notification to parents. GRACE will use Parent Alert in the case of a change in normal operations (including, but not limited to, snow days, delayed starts, unplanned early dismissals). Select YES to receive phone call alerts and select NO to allow text message alerts.

FACTS School Directory Use: No Solicitation
The GRACE Christian School Directory is designed for parents to be able to contact one another in regards to school-related matters and activities. It is expressly prohibited to use the contact information supplied in the Directory (emails, phone numbers and/or addresses) as a means of soliciting business.

Last modified: 16 October 2020