Coach Responsibilities

The coach’s authority to lead the team, as they deem appropriate is in keeping with the philosophies and policies of GRACE Christian School. The head coach is charged with conducting tryouts, determining the team roster, defining player expectations, implementing team rules, deciding student-athletes’ playing time, and taking disciplinary actions whenever necessary. Student-athletes are expected to completely and respectfully abide by the leadership and authority of the head coach and their assistants. Disciplinary measures may include but are not limited to increased exercise, suspension from a game, or expulsion from the team. Grievances with disciplinary measures or other issues should be taken directly to that coach first. Wisdom is advised in choosing what issues a parent should take to the coach. Please keep in mind that most parents believe that their child should be getting a majority of the playing time and that expectation is not possible or realistic when dealing with a group of athletes. When approaching a coach, please do so in a respectful way and in a manner consistent with Galatians 6:1-3 and Matthew 7:3-5. If the matter is not resolved then the athletic director should be contacted and if further actions need to be taken please send a written complaint to the Head of School.

Coaches will be responsible to communicate with their players that they should wear the appropriate attire on each game day. Proper game day attire shall be:

Student-athletes can wear only the tops of their GRACE team gear on game days.

Student-athletes are NOT to wear sweatpants or warm-up pants on game days nor any pant or bottom that does not align with the GRACE dress code policy.

Athletic game jerseys are also not to be worn unless pre-approved by the athletics department.

If you do own GRACE team gear sweatpants or warm-up pants, then you may change into them when you are dismissed for your game.


A coach ejected from a game or match by an official will result in a minimum of a three-game suspension from athletic events.

Last modified: 23 July 2021