The GRACE Chapel program provides an atmosphere of belonging and community that allows students to be challenged and inspired to grow closer to Christ. The Director of Christian Life organizes weekly programs that are led by staff members, pastors, guest speakers, and students. On the Lower Campus, most services are divided by grade level (TK-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th). Campus-wide chapels take place in the gymnasium throughout the year. Worship often includes the student-led “GRACE Worship Team” (GWT).

On the Upper Campus, students enrolled in the chapel elective class work alongside the Director of Christian life to plan weekly services, which take place in the chapel. The student-led praise and worship team leads the music during most chapel services.

Parents are invited to attend the chapel services, as well as other school events, such as performing arts programs or awards ceremonies that take place throughout the school year.

Last modified: 1 July 2019