In the event that adverse weather threatens a practice or game, the Athletic Director will make the decision about canceling the event in question and notify the GRACE office no later than 1:00 p.m. of that day. Away games are excluded from this policy because the decision to cancel rests with the other team. Parents are expected to check their email and check the website to verify the cancellation status when the weather appears to be an issue. Parents and athletes are encouraged to sign up for email alerts via to receive any competition change notifications.


If thunder and/or lightning can be heard or seen, STOP activity immediately and seek shelter. This policy will only fail in the rarest of circumstances when thunderstorms form overhead and the first strike occurs then. When the Weatherbug tool/app is accessible, a 10-mile radius of a lightning strike will take precedence. Shelter must be taken immediately once a lightning strike is within the 10-mile radius of the activity location. Allow 30 minutes to pass after the last lightning strike within 10 miles prior to resuming play.

In situations where thunder and/or lightning may or may not be present and you feel your hair stand on end and skin tingle, immediately assume the following position: Drop to a squatting position, place your hands/arm on your legs, and lower your head. DO NOT LIE FLAT!

In the event that either situation should occur, allow 30 minutes to pass after the last sound of thunder and/or lightning strike prior to resuming play.

Heat Guidelines

Last modified: 25 July 2019