Attendance Policy

A student enrolled in GRACE is expected to be present every day school is in session. Attendance is directly related to school success and is critical to mastery of content. All absences negatively affect education. When planning family trips, parents should consider utilizing the planned teacher in-service or workdays already on the school’s Academic Calendar to avoid students missing critical instructional time. Parents have a responsibility to reduce the number of days their child misses school. Out of respect to others, a child is to remain home if he/she is sick; however, all other absences should be kept to a minimum.

Students who miss more than three and one half hours of school (11:30 am for most days) will be counted absent for the day. Teachers will maintain attendance reports and will reflect both excused and unexcused absences on the report card. Attendance will be taken by periods in grades six through twelve.

Parents should e-mail the appropriate campus ( or the day of the absence. If this is not done, students should give absence notes to the receptionist upon their return. Teachers will check if absences are excused or unexcused on FACTS (formerly known as Renweb) and allow students to make up work accordingly. Tardies in grades six through twelve are counted by period; all tardy procedures apply to each class period. A tardy of 15 minutes or more per period will be counted as an absence for that period. Three tardies count as one absence. See Tardies policy.

Virtual Learning Policies

In the event that GRACE needs to offer a VLE environment, these policies will apply.

Student cooperation and attentiveness is vital, it is expected that students abide by classroom expectations that have been communicated by their teacher and the GRACE Devices Acceptable Use Policy.

Each student’s camera and microphone need to be working. If there is a problem with a student’s camera and/or microphone, the student will need to contact the IT department and copy their teachers on the email. The IT department will help develop a plan for functionality which might include using a personal device to log in until the computer issues are resolved.

Students should be present for each class which includes, being on time and ready to interact with the class in real-time. Students who log in and are unresponsive, without an explanation, will be marked absent.

Virtual learning does create challenges for students to find quiet and distraction-free areas. If a student has challenges with this, the student should contact their teachers and develop a plan for camera and microphone usage in class. Students can also contact the administration for any other virtual learning accommodations.

Attendance Policy for Extracurricular Activities

Students must attend school for a half-day on the same day of a performance, practice or game in order to be eligible to participate. Extenuating circumstances such as medical appointments, dental appointments or funerals are allowed, but being tired or “resting up” is not excused. Students are expected to regularly attend all rehearsals, practices and games unless otherwise cleared by the coach or directors.

Last modified: 22 July 2021