All student applications will be reviewed by an admissions committee. As part of the admissions process, students will be required to take an admissions test as part of the application process. We reserve the right to require additional testing of any student.

Full Disclosure of Testing

It is the responsibility and desire of the Faculty and Administration to provide all GRACE students with the best possible Christian education. This work is hampered when parents fail to fully disclose the personal, educational, and medical needs of their children. Therefore, parents must provide the school with copies of any and all testing, evaluations, curriculum modifications, and educational plans (IEP’s), etc., which have been conducted for their children’s giftedness, special needs, or learning disorders. All documentation in the testing process and resulting evaluation reports must be directed to the Admissions Director. These are legal documents and should be kept with the cumulative records. Medical information should be shared as appropriate and necessary. Incomplete or inaccurate information may be grounds for rejection of an applicant or dismissal of a student.

Waiting Pool Process

If a grade is full at the time of application a waiting pool will be created. When the interview process is complete and it is determined that the applicant is a qualified candidate for admission to GRACE, the applicant will be placed in a wait pool for their particular grade. Applicants are not assigned a number in the wait pool process. Each time an opening becomes available, all candidates for that grade are considered equally. Applicants in the wait pool must reapply for each new admission year.

Home School and Transfer Student Transcripts

Homeschool students receive a Pass/Fail for their classes unless they were taken through an accredited educational institution. While they do receive credit for these courses, any course designated Pass/Fail will not be used to calculate student’s grade point average.

The grades for transfer students who were previously enrolled in a United States high school are included in the calculation of a student’s grade point average.

The grade point average for international transfer students will be based only on classes taken while enrolled at GRACE.

Withdrawal Procedures

  • Families who enroll but withdraw their student between April 1st and June 30th will be responsible for a late withdrawal penalty equal to 10% of each student’s annual tuition.
  • Families who withdraw their student between July 1st and December 31st will be responsible for 50% of each student’s annual tuition.
  • Families who withdraw their student during the second semester will be responsible for 100% of each student’s annual tuition.

In addition, all tuition prepayments (made as part of the re-enrollment process) will be forfeited if student is withdrawn prior to October 1st.

Parents should notify the Student Information Manager in writing one week prior to a student’s last day. An official withdrawal form will be issued to faculty.

  • The student/parent will turn in all books and materials to the teacher. Library books, any athletic equipment or teacher-owned materials should be returned.
  • The teacher will return any consumable material or student purchased supplies.
  • The final report card and a copy of the withdrawal form will be mailed to the parents when all accounts are clear.
  • Records are released to requesting schools when accounts are clear.
Last modified: 22 July 2021