All school guidelines and policies apply to passengers on GRACE buses. Additionally, passengers using the GRACE Activity Bus as transportation must obey the following guidelines:

  • State of NC bus rules should be observed.
  • Buses must be reserved through the Bus Manager who oversees bus calendar.
  • Buses will be maintained by The Truck Shop.
  • Buses will be used for field trips, athletic events, faculty and staff events, and as a campus shuttle.
  • CDL and Passenger Endorsement Buses may be driven only by persons with a CDL license (P Endorsement for passengers). 14 Passenger buses may be driven by a GRACE staff member, coach, teacher, assistant, or a GRACE parent who possess a valid class C license and completes a driver record check, background check, and bus training through the Bus Manager.
  • Buses may not be for personal use.
  • Buses must be signed in and out by drivers.
  • Any accident must be reported immediately to Bus Manager and an accident form must be completed.
  • Damage or vandalism must be reported immediately to Bus Manager.
  • Videos displayed on buses must be pre-approved by the Head of School.
  • No loud music may be allowed during transit.
  • In addition to the driver, at least one other adult (coach, teacher or chaperone) is required for all trips off campus unless an exception is made in advance by the Head of School.
Last modified: Oct 26, 2020