Each student-athlete is assessed an $125 athletic fee (football $150) per sport played to offset the expenses GRACE incurs to fund individual sports. Common expenses include gym and field rentals, training services, referee contracts, and uniform and equipment purchases. The athletic fee offsets some of the associated expenses for field rental, transportation & trainer. Therefore, it is essential that all student-athletes tender the assigned athletic fee before or on the first day of practice. Students will be billed via FACTS once rosters are completed. If a student-athlete becomes ineligible during the course of the season the fee will not be refunded.

Athletic Fee Scholarships

We are asking our GRACE family to prayerfully consider the sponsorship of an athletic fee to ensure that financial hardships do not prevent any student-athlete’s participation. If you are either in need of or wish to fund a scholarship, please contact the Athletic Director. All inquiries are held in the strictest confidence.

Last modified: Jul 10, 2019