Depth Mask is exclusively available in HitFilm Pro.

Depth Mask can be applied to a 2D layer to mask the layer based on the depth of another layer on the same timeline. For example, you may want a video layer to intersect with a 3D model that you have imported. Normally this would require that the model be set to 3D unrolled, which prevents you from applying effects to the model. But if you apply a Depth Mask to the video, then select the 3D model as the depth layer, they can intersect while still retaining their 2D qualities.

  • Depth Layer: Select the layer to be used as the depth source. If a video or image is chosen, the color data will be used as a depth map. If a 3D model or particle layer is selected, the Z-depth data of the layer will be used.
  • Invert: Inverts the depth map.
  • Softness: Feathers the depth map. This will be particularly noticeable where the layers appear to intersect.
  • Depth Shift: Adjusts the apparent depth of the depth layer, in relation to the layer the effect is applied to. Positive values will move it closer to the camera, and negative values will move it farther away. Note that the actual position of the Depth Layer is unaffected.

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