This chapter details the transitions available in HitFilm. For information on applying transitions to your clips see Effects and Transitions.


  • Cross Fade
    Lowers the audio level of the clip preceding the cut, while simultaneously raising the level of the clip following the cut, for a smooth transition.
  • Fade
    Adjusts the volume of your audio clip at the start or end, either fading it in from silence or fading it out to silence.



  • Additive Dissolve
    A dissolve that brightens the clips during the transition.
  • Cross Dissolve
    A smooth dissolve which is commonly used in video and film.
  • Dither Dissolve
    A pixellated dissolve.


  • Push
    Animates your videos on or off the screen in a particular direction.
  • Slide
    Animates one video over the other.
  • Split
    Splits your video into two halves and moves them in opposite directions.


  • Clock Wipe
    Traditional clock wipe, as if the moving hands of a clock were moving over the video.
  • Linear Wipe
    A simple directional wipe.
  • Radial Wipe
    A curved wipe like the movement of a vehicle’s windshield wiper.


  • Cross Zoom
    Zooms in on the first clip and out of the next.
  • Zoom
    Zooms the clip in or out of the screen.

Fade to color

Fades from the video to a color of your choice.


An iris shape expands or contracts to reveal your video. The iris shape can be customized:

  • Shape – choose from a variety of iris shapes.
  • Rotation – rotate the iris shape.
  • Curvature – alter the curve shape of the iris.
  • Pinch – adjust the points of the shape.
  • Shift – warp the shape clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • Direction – change the direction of the transition.

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