HitFilm’s lightning generator can create a limitless variety of electrical effects.

Lightning consists of several main elements:

  • The core is the solid color center of the effect, most commonly white.
  • The glow is the softer color around the edge of the effect.
  • Trunks are the primary lines used to draw the lightning.
  • Branches are created along trunks, adding detail to the effect.
  • Twigs are created along branches, adding fine detail to the effect.

You can adjust the number of trunks, branches and twigs in the effect using the relevant property groups. Changing these will drastically alter the appearance of the effect.

Wave & twitch

The wave and twitch properties determine the shape of the lightning.

  • Wave creates a more undulating, curved line.
  • Twitch increases the number of twists and turns in the line.

Start & end

The start and end groups control the overall dimensions and animation of the lightning.

The Growth property is used to give the appearance of a lighting strike, causing the lightning to extend and travel down its length.


  • Speed – the speed of the lightning’s movement.
  • Jitter – how often the lightning regenerates to a completely new position.
  • Scale – how much the lightning moves from its central position.

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