The room measurement feature creates a 3D room model with just a few measurements.

Measure Floorplan must be completed from the same position. To relocate during a room measurement, use the Room from Layout function.

Using ‘Measure Floorplan’:

  1. Set up your Flexijet as usual (auto-leveling as required), and create a Root (Project) folder. Optional but recommended: create a 3D sub-folder for the room.
    Project Explorer with Home Folder and room 1 3D folder
  1. Select ‘Measure Floorplan’ from the Measurement ribbon, on the Flexijet’s screen, or by right-clicking on a folder and selecting ‘Measure Floorplan’. Flexijet Screen with Measure Floorplan button Measure Floorplan button on Measurement Ribbon in FlexiCAD
  1. Follow prompts in the command window. The first prompt is: Please measure point on the floor: Measure one point on the floor of the room.
    Flexijet device screenshot measure a point on the floor...
  1. Wall 1: First point on wall (Left): Measure the first point of the first wall, on the wall towards the left. It doesn’t matter which wall of the room you start with, but walls are measure clockwise, from left to right. The first point of a wall is always on the left of that wall.
    Flexijet screenshot wall 1 first point on wall (left)
  1. Wall 1: Second point on wall (Right): Now measure the second point on the right side of the first wall. This point should also be as far right as possible.
    Flexijet screenshot wall 1 second point on wall (right)
  1. Wall 2: First point on the wall (Left): Now, continuously measure all other walls of the room, measuring 2 points on each wall, from left to right.
    Flexijet screenshot wall 2 room measurement
  1. You can follow how your room is growing wall by wall on the Flexijet display and in FlexiCAD
    Flexijet screenshot wall 3 room measurement
  1. Once you are done measuring the walls, you can simply measure another point on the first wall. Your Flexijet 3D recognizes that you’ve reached the first wall again, and closes the corners. Or, press the ‘Open element’ or ‘closed element’ buttons in FlexiCAD, or access by pressing the F3D button on the Flexijet’s screen to end an open or closed room.
    Connect buttons on Flexijet screen
  1. Measure point on the ceiling: Measure a point on the ceiling to complete the room measurement.
    Flexijet screenshot measure a point on the ceiling
  1. The room is now measured. You can view the floor, the walls and the ceiling individually by clicking on the appropriate folder.
    Flexijet screenshot completed room measurement

Now, add more info such as Room Elements or continue adding to your room with elements such as roof slopes.


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