With your Pro subscription, you can play in Buzzer Mode, play additional game types (i.e. Choice, Quiz Bowl, Interactive Choice, Memory), play flashcards, share games, and use many additional Factile features such as Daily Double, music, images, videos, equations and more.

Game Types

Pro Playing and Scoring Features

  • Buzzer Mode
  • Daily Double
  • Show Answer before Score
  • Display Answer before Question
  • Answer before Timer (if On) Expires for Choice Devices (CHOICE)
  • Show Final Factile Category Hint at Wager Time
  • Positive Score Mode
  • Play Memory Game with 100 Points
  • Double Factile

With your Business Pro Subscription, you can play with additional Features such as Event Mode.

Display Answer Button

This mode displays the Answer before you click the “Check Mark” or “X” on a team’s podium to award points.

Tip: Click this button each time you want to show the Answer prior to scoring. It toggles the display between showing the Question and the Answer.

What is the difference between Skip/See Answer and See Answer/Score?

Both buttons will display the answer, but Skip/See Answer will skip the scoring for that Question whereas See Answer/Score will show the Answer and allow you to score that Question by clicking on the “Check Mark” or “X”. Note that See Answer/Score will “toggle” between displaying the Question and the Answer each time you click the button.

Answer First

This mode displays the Tile’s answer and allows the teams playing to answer with the question.

For example, if your answer is “George Washington”, teams need to answer with the Question “ Who was the first American president?”

Leader Board

This function will show you the top 10 scores for the game in ranking order. You can also download the results as a CSV file and track progress over a period of time.

Tip: You can also reset the ranking if you wish.