The following is an example of a Worker Workspace layout, also known as “My Workspace”, with a description of each section below.

Image: “Worker Workspace Layout”

  • Within each section, click on a blue hyper-link to access additional details.
  • Click on the white “details” or “all” links in the blue header on the top of each section to view more.
Workspace Section Description
My Cases This is a listing of the cases under your care
Today’s Schedule Shows all appointments scheduled for the day
Scanner Inbox This inbox allows you to quickly and easily get hard-copy or attachment documents into the extendedReach system. For more information, please see Setting Up a Scanner Inbox or Using Your Scanner Inbox articles.
My Recent Activities This is a listing of the most recent activity you have performed with regard to your cases
My Summary This is an at-a-glance list of your Open Foster Cases, Pending Referrals, and Late Tasks
My Tasks This is your at-a-glance to-do list

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