This article is meant to assist you with Word Documents on iPad within extendedReach.
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Working with Word Documents on iPad

Before beginning this process, please turn off the Pop-Up Blocker in Safari, under settings.

Image: “Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker”

Editing Word Documents on iPad

The following steps allow you to edit Microsoft Word Documents on an iPad:

Step 1. eR will attempt to open a pop-up window. Click “Allow”.

Image: “Allow Pop-Ups”

Step 2. Click “Copy to Word” and proceed with edits.

Image: “Copy to Word”

Step 3. In MS Word, save the document to your iCloud, GDrive, OneDrive, etc.

Step 4. Go back to the report in exendedReach and click the “Upload a new version” link, and select the document you saved in MS Word.

Image: “Save Document”

Step 5. Click Save or Complete on the report.

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