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Explanation and Purpose of Working with the Side Menu Views

extendedReach is organized in a manner that allows you to easily access comprehensive agency-wide data through the use of Side Menu “Views”. For more information regarding the details of Side Menu – Accessing Views, please see Related Topics at end of this article.

By viewing this agency-wide data in a variety of ways, agencies are able to report on various aspects of the organization, as well as make projections for future opportunities.

The following are general working terms, not specific to a particular worker.

Filter by Branch

If your agency consists of multiple branches or units, you can filter views only relating to (a) particular branch(es).

Image: “Working with Side Menu Views: Filter Branches”

Select from the “Branches” drop-down menu, and click on the applicable branch(es).

Excel button

To export data from a particular view, to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, click on the “Excel” button at the top of a data screen.

Image: “Working with Side Menu Views: Excel”

The data will download to your desktop and you will be prompted to open the file.

Image: “Working with Side Menu Views: Open Excel File”


Group data in a variety of ways. Click on the “Group” button within a section and select from the drop-down menu which type of group you want.

Image: “Working with Side Menu Views: Group”

Expand/Collapse Data

Expand or Collapse data by clicking on the plus or negative icons one by one.

Image: “Working with Side Menu Views: Expand/Collapse”

To expand everything at once, click on the “Expand All” button at the top of the screen.

Image: “Working with Side Menu Views: Expand All”

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