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Explanation and Purpose of the Side Menu Administration

extendedReach is organized in a manner that allows you to easily access information with the Side Menu providing “Views” of comprehensive agency-wide data for users. The “Views” in the Side Menu are configured through the Administration section of the Side Menu.

Side Menu Administration Access

Go to “Administration” where you will find Organization Billing, Organization Settings, Program Settings, and System Settings.

Image: “Side Menu Administration Access”

Organization Billing

Image: “Side Menu Admin: Organization Billing”

Field Name Description
Claims: Generate
Claims: Ready to Transmit
Claims: Transmitted Batches
Claims: Print
Invoices: Generate
Invoices: Print
Payments: Undeposited
Payments: Deposited
Setup: Funding Organizations
Setup: Insurance Providers
Setup: Prepaid Funding

Organization Settings

Image: “Side Menu Admin: Organization Settings”

Field Name Description
Export Data
Field Codes
Import Data
Staff Profiles
User IDs

Program Settings

Image: “Side Menu Admin: Program Settings”

Field Name Description
Program Activity Types
Program Report Types
Program Print Templates
General Activity Types
Transfer Accounts

System Settings

Image: “Side Menu Admin: System Settings”

Field Name Description
Audit Log
Codes: CPT
Codes: DSM ICD-9
Codes: DSM ICD-10
Codes: Taxonomy
Email Alerts
Export Profiles
Field Codes
File Manager
Import Profiles
Medication Info
Posting: Ready to Post
Posting: Posted by Batch
Posting: Posted AR Balances
Posting: Posted PPD Balances
Posting: Do Not Post
Replication Conflicts
Scheduled Refresh
System Administration IDs
System Configuration
System Counters
User Groups
Zoho Administration

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