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Search with Search Box

Use the search box in the lower left corner of your Workspace, to quickly find case, referral, or report and activity information.

Image: “Search Box”

Type in the search box (as described below) and select from the drop-down menu (indicated in the following options), and then press “Go”:

Image: “Search Box Options”

  • Case Last Name
    Type all or part of a case’s last name
  • Referral Last Name
    Type all or part of a referral’s last name
  • Cases
    Search for any information that is displayed on the main “Case Screen” including medications, rate, worker name, etc.
  • Case Activities
    Search the contents of case notes, including the contents of file attachments
  • Case Reports
    Search the contents of documents, including the contents of file attachments

Search Shortcut

To quickly find information within a list from a side-menu view, press “Ctrl+F” to open this search box, which will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Image: “Search Shortcut Hotkeys”

Type in the box, all or a portion of the text for which you are searching.

Image: “Search Shortcut Hotkeys”

The optional results, within the listing, will be highlighted for your potential selection.

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