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Explanation and Purpose of Revision Tracking

Revision Tracking within extendedReach is used to keep track of changes made to certain fields within Cases. Previous values and the effective date of the change are recorded so you can see changes over time. Revision Tracking is used to track changes in rates which are used for Days Care Billing calculations..

Creating a Trackable Revision

From a Case, if you edit the following items (among others), eR will track the revision.

  • Case Name
  • Case Legal Status
  • Case Rate Level
  • Assigned Worker

Some of these changes may prompt an effective date (when it is important) while others will just stamp the change as effective the day of your change without prompting.

Revision tracking occurs as part of the regular edit/update process. For example:

From “Edit Mode” on the Case Screen, change the rate level of an existing case to a different value and click on “Save”.

Image: “Change Rate Level”

This dialogue box will automatically open.

Image: “Effective Date and Sib Group”

  1. Select an “Effective Date”. Click on the calendar icon to select if you wish.
  2. Check the box “Apply these changes to all siblings”, if needed.
  3. Click on “Continue”.

The revision has now been recorded.

View Revisions for a Case

Recorded revisions can be viewed from the Case File tab:

From a Case, open the “Case File”.

Image: “Show Revision Tracking”

To view revisions, select “Revisions” from the drop-down menu next to “Show”.

Click on the blue hyper-linked revision to view.

Image: “Show Revision Tracking Details”

Click on Delete to remove, or Edit to make changes to the revision.

Image: “Show Revision Tracking Details View and Edits”

Change Effective Date in the General tab, or add comments in the comments tab. Be sure to SAVE any changes you make.

Image: “Revision Tracking Edit a Revision”

View Revisions for All Cases

This can be useful when trying to answer questions such as “what were are all the changes in rates that occurred last month?”

From your Workspace on the left side of your screen under “Summaries”, hover over “Casework” and click on “Revisions”.

Image: “Revision Tracking Access for Agency by Type”

This view shows all revisions categorized by revision type.

Image: “Revision Tracking Access By Type Expansion”

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