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Explanation of Posting to Your Accounting System

Once the Advanced Financial Management functionality is enabled, Charges, Payments, and Adjustments can be posted to a 3rd party accounting system (such as QuickBooks). Once Posted, these transactions can no longer be modified. (Adjustments be used). These transactions are posted to the accounting system as Journal Transactions. Depending on your accounting system, Journal Transactions associated with an Accounts Receivable Account may be associated with a Customer ID in your accounting system. Journal transactions may either may be posted in a consolidated (by date) format or as individual Journal Entries per transaction. Payments are typically posted to the day of the deposit.

Posting Security Level Requirements and Access

You must be an Agency Administrator or Billing Administrator to access “Administration” on the left side of your Workspace. Go to “System Settings”.

Steps for Posting to Your Accounting System

1. Within System Settings, click on “Posting: Ready to Post”.

Image: “Posting to Your Accounting System Screen”

2. Click on the “Post” button.

Image: “Posting to Your Accounting System Screen”

3. Complete the fields and click on Submit.

Image: “Post Transactions”

Field Name Description
Post transaction through: Click on the calendar icon and indicated the date through which this post will include.
Post payments only Create a batch file made of only payments (skip all activity/charge and adjustment transactions)
Post to this month: Select the month and year from the drop-down menu to which these transactions will be posted. (If you just generated a post, always use corresponding month and year you just generated.)

4. This process will produce a file that you can upload to your accounting system.

Right-click on the file and choose to Save or Download to your PC.

Image: “Generated File”

View Posted Transactions

To view post transactions, go to System Settings and click on Posting: Posted by Batch.

Image: “Posting: Posted by Batch”

Each batch is automatically assigned a number and is identified as a Receivables or Payables batch.

Image: “Posting: Posted by Batch_Details”

Regenerate Batch

To Regenerate a batch (re-create the same file) click on the Regenerate Batch button.

Image: “Generated File”

Type in the batch number you wish to re-generate, and click on Submit.

Image: “Generated File”

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