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Explanation and Purpose of Organizational Preferences

Organizational Preferences is the configuration control center for your agency’s extendedReach system. The Settings Tab controls various aspects what and how your agency will work with eR.

Security Level Requirements and Access

You must be an Agency Administrator to access the “Administration” menu on the left side of your Workspace. Hover over Organization Settings and click on “Organizational Preferences”.

Image: “Organizational Preferences Access Screen”


Be sure to begin in “Edit Mode”, by clicking on the “Edit” button at the top of the screen.

Image: “Organizational Preferences: Settings Tab Access Screen”

Save your changes/additions/edits by clicking on “Save” button at the top of the screen.

Image: “Save”


Image: “Settings Tab: General Section”

Field Name Description
Automatically assign case #‘s next number
Automatically assign case #‘s case # prefix
Automatically assign customer #‘s
Keep customer # the same as case #
Automatically assign home #‘s next number
Automatically assign home #‘s home # prefix
Keep same case # on readmission
Manage foster home inquiries
Place all new admissions at
Placement type
Automatically create due activities and reports at intake
Do not allow entry of activities before
Do not allow placement changes before
Submit claims for medical activities
Skip proof on activities and reports
Default Download Folder
Do not clean up local copies of MS-Word
Default Download Folder
Do not require license numbers on foster homes licenses
Clean up due documents on closed cases and homes that are more than X months past due.

Additional Settings

Image: “Settings Tab: Additional Settings Section”

Field Name Description
System: Add custom URLs to side menu
System: Hide custom case activities, reports, print templates from side menu
System: Temporarily disable revision tracking
System: Hide rate information from non-Admins
System: Only show Administrative Rate
System: Only agency administrators can edit or delete activities 24 hours after completion
System: Only agency administrators can edit or delete reports 24 hours after completion
System: Hide confidential information (case notes and file attachments) from staff not associated with case/home
System: Hide signature dates when printing an individual case note (advanced)
System: Only allow agency administrators to edit activities marked as exported (advanced)
System: Only look at empty homes at first when trying to find available beds (affects HomeMatch, % Occupancy, and Available Homes view) (advanced)
System: Use child’s first initial + last name (vs. full name) for email alerts
System: Automatically complete activities and reports when they are approved
System: When selected as funding organization, prompt for county (advanced)
System: When selected as funding organization, type in funding worker (vs. drop down) (advanced)
System: Use DYMO LabelWriter for Home Addresses (requires Internet Explorer) (advanced)
System: Use advanced password options
System: Use DSM ICD-10 Codes (instead of ICD-9)
System: Do not match email addresses, if mail-In email has case or home number (advanced)
System: Do not include signature images when printing Case Notes (advanced)
System: Show ForeignKey and AltForeignKey on forms and views (advanced)
Services: This is a residential facility
Services: This is a refugee facility
Services: Does not offer adoption-related services
Services: Default new cases to be adoption only (advanced)
Services: Use After Care Roster (advanced)
Referrals: Track pending and rejected referrals
Referrals: Send/receive on-line referrals for transferred cases (advanced)
Referrals: Require Reason for Referral
Referrals: Don’t Require Referring Worker
Referrals: Require Targeted Rate Level
Staff: Assign staff to a “Division” (advanced)
Staff: Use custom labels for case + home workers
Staff: Allow secondary foster worker for cases (custom label)
Staff: Allow secondary worker for homes (custom label)
Staff: Total staff training hours by hire date (vs. calendar year)
Staff: Allow staff to add their own training (but no edit or delete)
Staff: Require file attachments for training records
Cases: Override Program Activity Shortcuts (advanced)
Cases: Show Private Insurance Tab (advanced)
Cases: Track BMI Trends (advanced)
Cases: Require Client Demographics (dob/gender/race)
Cases: Require Permanency Goal (for referrals and cases)
Cases: Require Religion (for cases)
Cases: Refer to “sibling group” as “family group” instead (advanced)
Cases: Do Not Track Funding Workers on Case General Tab (advanced)
Cases: Hide Medicaid # for cases
Cases: Hide Removal Date (make it same as intake)
Cases: Hide compliance tab on case screen (advanced)
Cases: Do not track TPR Information (when activated on program) (advanced)
Cases: Hide treatment tab on case screen (when activated on program) (advanced)
Cases: Collect the file destroy date on discharge (advanced)
Cases: Track Location Types for Adoption Cases (advanced)
Cases: Remove ‘Foster Care’ from case rosters and workspace (advanced)
Cases: Don’t track last visited date (hide on worker home page and status report) (advanced)
Cases: Relationships – Require approved visitor and approved phone (advanced)
Cases + Homes: Hide SSN # for both cases and homes
Cases + Homes: Hide customer and vendor numbers
Cases + Homes: Only hide customer numbers
Homes: Hide training expiration dates on home (use activities instead)
Homes: Hide all other (non-training) expiration dates on home (use reports instead)
Homes: Show unlicensed home status column (advanced)
Homes: No expiration date on licenses
Homes: Don’t count other residences as part of worker caseload
Homes: Hide Employed Since date on home
Homes: Hide race preferences on home
Homes: Require Church for Homes
Homes: Assign each foster home to a region
Homes: Track additional Homes identifier # (custom label) (advanced)
Homes: Track NPI # for Homes (advanced)
Homes: Track Disaster Planning – Emergency Location
Homes: Show compliance tab on home screen
Homes: Track Work Orders/Show in Side-Menu (advanced)
Homes: Show people tab on other residences (advanced)
Homes: Show home compliance on other residences (advanced)
Homes: Use dynamic compliance checklist
Homes: Customize license types and license services for this agency (advanced)
HomeMatch: Never center the map on funding organization (advanced)
HomeMatch: Run HomeMatch across Shared Access Organizations (advanced)
Relationships: Hide expiration dates on relationship screens (use activities and reports instead)
Medical: Hide Medical History/Behavioral Concerns/Development
Medical: Hide Immunization Record tab
Medical: Assign Case Medical Activities with Due Dates to Nursing Staff (specify below) (advanced)
Medical: Assign Case Medical Reports with Due Dates to Nursing Staff (specify below) (advanced)
Medical: Use Medication Label Printing (advanced)
Medical: Require Medication Reason
Medical: Hide Standard Medication Log on Print Menu
Medical: Print Standard Medication Log Landscape vs. Portait
Medical: Show prescribing Dr. and Reason on Med Log
Billing: Days Care – Do Not Split Day Care Entries when Agency Worker Changes (advanced)
Billing: Invoices – Do not split invoices per funding organization (advanced)
Billing: Invoices – Do not split invoices or statements by branch (advanced)
Billing: Invoices – Use landscape page orientation
Billing: Invoices – Include return mailing address
Billing: Invoices – Use custom columns on days care invoices (advanced)
Billing: Invoices – Include custom text section(s) on invoices (advanced)
Billing: Invoices – Include Social Security Number (advanced)
Billing: Invoices – Include Medicaid Number (advanced)
Billing: Invoices – Include Funding Case Number (advanced)
Billing: Invoices – Include Secondary Funding Case Number (advanced)
Billing: Payables – Generate Payables for $0 Rates (advanced)
Billing: Payables – Monthly Rates – Always Pro-Rate Based on a 31-day Month (advanced)
Billing: Home Statement – Include home address
Billing: Discharge date is counted as a day in care (advanced)
Billing: Count placement change date as day in care at previous home (vs. new home) (advanced)
Show Advanced Options
Hide Advance Options
Default Program for Referrals
How are respite/short term homes paid?
Minimum Age for Foster Parents
Custom Side Menu URLs Agencies can customize the eR Side Menu. Be sure to use this format: “title | URL”.
Default Secondary Supervisor
Nursing Staff

Foster Parent Training Hours

Image: “Settings Tab: Foster Parent Training Hours Section”

Field Name Description
Training Period
Total Hours by
If first year licensed, pro-rate hours based on month licensed (rounded-down)
Required Hours
Use formula
Hours Formula

Custom Labels

Image: “Settings Tab: Custom Labels Section”

Field Name Description
Agency Case #
Agency Home #
Additional Home #
Header Image

Custom Subforms

Image: “Settings Tab: Custom Labels Section”

Field Name Description
Agency Staff
Staff Document
Case Activity
Home Activity
Interview Quest.

Days Care Invoices

Image: “Settings Tab: Days Care Invoices Section”

Field Name Description
Custom Text @Formula (Top)
Custom Days Care Columns
Custom Text @Formula (Bottom)
Custom Footer

Accounts Payable Statement

Image: “Settings Tab: Accounts Payable Statement Section”

Field Name Description
Custom Footer

Home Activity Shortcuts

Image: “Settings Tab: Home Activity Shortcuts Section”_Section”

Field Name Description
Activities that have due dates can’t be selected.
Shortcut #1
Icon #1
Shortcut #2
Icon #2

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