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Hover over System Settings and click on “System Configuration”.

Image: “System Configuration Access Screen”

General Tab

Be sure to begin in “Edit Mode”, by clicking on the “Edit” button at the top of the screen.

Image: “System Configuration: General Tab Access Screen”

Save your changes/additions/edits by clicking on “Save” button at the top of the screen.

Image: “Save”

System Settings

Image: “System Configuration-General Tab: System Settings”

Field Name Description
Version Date
Date Activated
App Header Text
NAB File Path
NAB Group Prefix
Log Replica ID
File Detach Dir.
Inbox Import Dir.
Thumbnail Size
First Month in Contract Year
Case Workspace Column
Referral Subform
Relationship Subform
ER Monthly Billing Email(s)

Zoho Reports

Image: “System Configuration-General Tab: Zoho Reports”

Field Name Description
Database Name Name of the database that will display in Zoho Reports
Db Owner (Email) Email address of the database owner
Username (Email) Username email address used to login to Zoho
Password Password used to login to Zoho
Custom Columns Create Custom Columns to use in Zoho
Upload Started Date and time the last sync to Zoho started
Upload Finished Date and time the last sync to Zoho finished

Foster Care System Link

If your agency has a Foster Care module in extendedReach as well, the two will be linked together in this section. This enables caseworkers to work in both modules and transfer cases. extendedReach staff will link the modules together – the information in these fields do not need to be modified by anyone at the agency.

Image: “System Configuration-General Tab: Foster Care System Link”

Custom Side Menu

Use the Custom Side Menu field to add links to the side menu on the main workspace screen under Custom. Use the format “title | URL” to add links.

Image: “System Configuration-General Tab: Custom Side Menu”

Revision Tracking

Revision tracking allows users to track specific changes made to a case via the Case File. This could be client name changes, address change, caseworker change, rate change, etc. Use the format “group-title | field-title | field-name | prompt for date”. For the Prompt for Date field, enter in a 1 if you want to track the date the change was made; if you do not want to track the date of the change, enter in a 0.

Image: “System Configuration-General Tab: Revision Tracking”

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