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Treatment Tab Layout

Image: “Treatment Tab Layout”

Adding a Treatment Goal

To add a treatment goal, click on the Add Treatment Goal button or Copy from Other Case to use a treatment goal that is being used on a different case.

Image: “Add Treatment Goal”

Image: “Add Treatment: Edit Screen”

Treatment Goal Information

Image: “Treatment Goal Information”

Field Name Description
Goal Status Use the drop-down menu to select the status of the goal (Achieved, In Process, or Did Not Achieve)
Timeframe Use the calendar icons to select a timeframe for the goal to be achieved in
Goal Category Select the category of the goal (Health, Financial, Legal, Behavioral, etc.) These categories can be modified in the Program Settings.
Goal Type Use the drop-down menu to select whether the goal type is Primary or Secondary

Treatment Goal Fields

Image: “Treatment Goal Fields”

Field Name Description
Goal/Objectives Describe the goal or the objective in detail
Actions/Interventions Describe what actions/interventions that need to be taken in order for the goal to be achieved
Progress Indicate any progress that has been made towards the goal
Person(s) Responsible List the person(s) responsible for helping to achieve the goal

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