This article is meant to assist you with the Insurance Tab in a Case Screen.

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Insurance Tab Layout

Image: “Case Screen: Insurance Tab Layout”

Adding an Insurance Provider

Click on the following link to Add Insurance Providers.

Add Insurance for a Case

To get started on adding insurance for a case, click on the green Add Insurance button.

Image: “Add Insurance”

Image: “Add Insurance General Screen Layout”

Fill in the fields and press Save to add the insurance provider.

Field Name Description
Provider Name Enter in the name of the insurance provider
ID # Enter in the Insurance ID number
Policy/Group # Enter in the policy or group number
Rel to Insured Use the drop-down menu to indicate the relationship to the insured
Copay Enter in the copay amount
Deductible Enter in the deductible amount
Deductible Date Use the drop-down fields to indicate the date the deductible must be met by
MD Supervision Use the drop-down menu to select Yes or No for MD Supervision
  1. Visits/Year
The number of visits per year
Sequence Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate insurance sequence (primary, secondary, tertiary, etc.)

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