This article is meant to assist you with the “Compliance Tab” within a Case. The “Compliance Tab” is designed to provide a high-level glance of activities or reports that have been collected, are missing, or are due. The “Compliance Tab” shows only the most recent document for each item. If you need to see prior versions of a document (such as previous Service Plans), you should refer to the Case File Tab

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Compliance Tab Overview

Image: “Compliance Tab Overview”

Each item in the Compliance Tab has a colored icon indicating status.

Green = Item has been collected OR item is due or expires more than 10 days from now.

Red = Item is missing, is past due, or has expired.

Yellow = Item is due or expires within the next 10 days.

White = These are optional items that will appear if you click on “Show Hidden, Optional Items” at the top of the Compliance Tab section. If you add a document to an optional item, eR will begin tracking compliance status for this item with one of the colored icons above.

Image: “Compliance Tab: Show Hidden/Optional Items Button”


Items on the Compliance Tab are organized into categories. All items within a category are listed alphabetically.

Here are some typical Compliance Tab categories:

  • Admission or Intake
  • Casework
  • Treatment
  • Counseling
  • Behavioral
  • Discharge

Image: “Compliance Tab Categories”


Access to each item is achieved by clicking on the blue hyper-link next to an Activity or Report..

Image: “Compliance Tab: Activity/Report Access”

Click on the three dots to the right of each entry, to access previous versions of items on the compliance tab.

Image: “Compliance Tab: Previous Version Access”

Add new versions, of items that do not expire or have repeating due dates, by clicking on the three dots to the right of an item and select “Add Report”.

Image: “Compliance Tab: Activity/Report Add New Version”

Items that have an expiration date link directly to a new version of that item.

Image: “Compliance Tab: Activity/Report Expiration Date”

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