What type of file can I load into extendedReach?


This article is meant to assist you with attaching files to a Case or Home using the Paperclip Icon, and deleting files from a Case or Home.
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Working with Attachable Files in extendedReach

extendedReach has a ability to attach PDF, Microsoft Excel and photo files from your PC’s desktop to a Case or Home in extendedReach.

This feature is possible due to a piece of software called the “extendedReach Plug-In” (“eR Plugin”), which must be installed on your computer. The eR Software System will automatically notify you if you need to download the eR Plug-In. For instructions on Installing the eR Plug-In, please see Related Topics.

Attaching Files using the Paperclip Icon

Step 1. Be sure you are in “Edit Mode” by clicking on “Edit” at the top of the screen.

Image: “Edit Mode”

Step 2. Click on the Paper Clip Icon.

Image: “Attaching Files”

Step 3. Select the file you wish to attach from your agency’s user documents, by double-clicking on the file.

Image: “Attach File”

Step 4. Save your upload, once you see the “New” file in extendedReach.

Image: “Attaching Saving Files”

Deleting Files

Delete files you no longer want attached to a particular Case or Home.

Step 1. Select the file you wish to delete, by clicking on it once.

Image: “Deleting Files”

Step 2. Click on the trash can icon. File is now Tagged as deleted.

Image: “Deleting Files”

Step 3. “Save” the change to extendedReach.

Image: “Save Deletion of Files”

Be sure to click the “Trash Can” icon and not the “Delete” button on the top menu. The Delete button on the top menu will delete the entire record from the database instead of just deleting the file attachment.

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