The following is an example of an Administrative Support Workspace layout, also known as “My Workspace”, with a description of each section below.

Image: “Administrative Support Workspace Layout”

  • Within each section, click on a blue hyper-link to access additional details.
Workspace Section Description
List of Workers This is a listing of workers in your agency
Today’s Schedule Shows all appointments scheduled for the day
Pending Referrals This is a listing of pending referrals for this agency. To learn more, please see our Case Referrals article.
Scanner Inbox This inbox allows you to quickly and easily get hard-copy or attachment documents into the extendedReach system. For more information, please see Setting Up a Scanner Inbox or Using Your Scanner Inbox articles.
Awaiting Approval These are the items within your agency that are awaiting supervisory approval. By placing a check-mark next to (an) item(s) and clicking on “Approve Selected” in the blue header at the top of this section, you can approve multiple items at once. For more information on workflow, please see our article, Creating, Approving, and Completing Activities and Reports