This article is meant to assist you with adding Prepaid Funding.

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Prepaid Funding Layout

Image: “Prepaid Funding Layout”

Adding Prepaid Funding

To add Prepaid Funding, go to Organization Billing and select Setup: Prepaid Funding. From there, click on the Add Prepaid Funding button.

Image: “Add Prepaid Funding”

Once you’ve selected Add Prepaid Funding, fill in the required fields and any additional information.

Image: “Prepaid Funding: General Screen”

Field Name Description
Funding Name Use this field to enter in the name of organization
Address 1 Street address of the organization
Address 2 Suite number / second address line for the organization
City City of the organization
State State of the organization
Zip Zip code of the organization
Branch Use the drop-down menu to indicate which branch the funding organization applies to
Inactive Check the box if the funding organization is inactive/ will no longer be used at the agency

GL Accounts Tab

The GL Accounts Tab keeps track of the Prepaid Funding General Ledger Accounts. Fill in the account information for the Prepaid and Cash accounts in the required fields.

Image: “Prepaid Funding: GL Accoutns”

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