• When would I need to create a new Staff Profile?
  • How do I link the Staff Profile to a User ID?


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Overview of the Staff Profile

When a new employee’s role includes working with cases, this employee will require a Staff Profile. A Staff Profile is essentially a professional record that collects information such as: signature, credentials, phone numbers, hire date, and other information. This is the 2nd step for adding a new hire to the extendedReach system, following creating a User ID for the employee. For assistance in Adding a User ID, please see Related Topics.

Adding a Staff Profile Security Level Requirements and Access

You must be an Agency Administrator to access “Administration” on the left side of your Workspace. Go to “Organization Settings” and click on “Staff Profiles”.

Image: “Organization Settings Staff Access Screen”

3 Steps to Creating a New Staff Profile

  1. Within Staff, click on “Add Staff”.

Image: “Add Staff Screen”

  1. Within the General screen, complete the fields. Required fields are highlighted, while optional fields are not.

Image: “Add Staff General Screen”

Image: “Staff Setup and Linked User ID”

Image: “Link User ID Screen”

Staff Setup and User ID Description
Status Leave status “Active” if staff is currently employed. For more information on “Inactivating” Status, please see Deleting a User/Employee Leaves Agency in Related Topics
Organization Use the drop-down menu to indicate which organization the staff member belongs to
User ID This is where you can link this Staff Profile to an existing User ID. For more information on Adding a User ID, please see Related Topics

Image: “General Information Screen”

General Screen Description
Last Name Last name of the staff member
First Name First name of the staff member
Middle Name Middle name of the staff member
Nickname/AKA An alternative name or nickname the staff member goes by
Gender Select gender from drop-down menu
Race Select race from drop-down menu. You can add another race by clicking on the small green plus. Fill in the race in the new window, then press Ok

Image: “Add Staff General Add Race Screen”

General Screen Description
Hire Date Click on small calendar icon to open calendar. Select the date the staff member was hired
Employment Indicate with the drop-down menu whether the staff is full-time, part-time, or an intern
Hours/Week Enter in the hours per week the staff member works
Termination Date Click on small calendar icon to open calendar. Select date of termination from the calendar

Image: “Termination Date Screen”

General Screen Description
Supervisor You can select which supervisor, if any, will supervise this staff member
Title Enter in what the job title of the staff member is
Credentials Include any credentials the staff member may have
License # Staff member’s license number
Main Phone Main phone number
Mobile Phone Staff member’s mobile phone number
Fax Staff member’s mobile phone number
Email Work email address
Provider ID (NPI) Staff member’s Provider ID

“Personal Information”

Image: “Personal Information Screen”

Personal Information Description
Street Lines 1 and 2 Street address of the staff member. Use Street Line 2 for any apartments, military bases, or unit numbers
City City in which the staff member lives in
State This is a drop-down menu where you can select the state in which the staff resides
Zip Zip code for the address at which the staff lives
Date of Birth Use the calendar icon to select staff date of birth
Driver License # This is where you can record the staff member’s driver’s licence number, if you chose to do so
Driver License State This is a drop-down menu where you can select the state in which the staff’s driver’s license was issued
SSN This is where you can store the social security number, if you chose to do so
Home Phone Staff member’s home phone number
Personal E-Mail Staff person email address

“Emergency Contact”

Image: “Emergency Contact Screen”

Emergency Contact Description
Name Full name of the emergency contact
Relationship Relationship the emergency contact has with the staff (Sister, Mother, Husband, Wife, etc.)
Phone Best phone number to get a hold of the emergency contact

“Scheduling Notes”

Include any scheduling notes for the staff member in the provided box.

Image: “Scheduling Notes”


Image: “Signature Screen”

For instructions on Adding a Staff Signature, see Related Topics.

  1. Press SAVE to complete Adding a Staff Profile

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