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Referral Screen Layout

Image: “Add Referral: General Screen”

Fields in the Referral Information section can be hidden/activated by going to System Settings -> System Configuration.

Referral Information Description
Status Default is Pending – could be “Rejected” or “Accepted”. Accepting a referral turns the referral into a case
Program Program associated with this referral
Category Select whether it is in state or out of state
Referral Source Where did the referral come from? This list of referral sources starts off empty and is “self-building”. As you add new referral sources (using the “+” icon) the referral source will be added to the drop-down list for subsequent referrals
Referred By Name of the worker who sent the referral to your agency
Referrer’s Phone Phone number of the person or organization that referred the case
Referral Reason and Additional Reason for Referral These use standardized reasons for referral that are configured for the particular program. If you use the “+” button to add a referral reason – it will apply only for this referral and not appear in the drop-down list for future referrals
Organization The name of the organization
Referral Date/Time When the referral was received at your agency
Who Took Referral The name of the person who collected the referral information at your agency
Targeted Caseorker Name of the caseworker who will most likely work with the case if it is accepted

Creating a Referral

Your agency has the option of tracking referred cases that you accept, reject, or keep in a pending status. These referrals may arrive via phone, email, fax or electronical transmittal through extendedReach.

To add a new referral, choose “Referral” from the “Add Case” menu. If this is not an option then you must contact your agency administrator to turn on the “Track Pending and Rejected Referrals” option in “Organization Preferences”.

Image: “Add Referral” Drop-Down Menu

Image: “Case Referral” Screen

Image: “Referral Information”

Accepting or Denying a Referral

After you have entered your client as a referral, you can chose to accept or deny the referral by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page. You can then change the status by clicking on pending, deny, or accept.

Image: “Accepting a Referral Screen”

Image: “Denying a Referral Screen”

The “standard list” of denial reasons is controlled in your Program Settings. Denial reasons could be different depending on the program. If you deny a referral and type a new value not in the standard list (by clicking the “green plus” icon), that denial reason will remain in the drop-down for 6 months since its last usage. To remove non-standard reasons from the drop-down, change the non-standard reasons of denied referrals over the past 6 months to a reason from the standard list.

Opening a Case from a Referral

If you determine you are able to take on a client, you will then open a case by clicking on Open Case tab at the top of the screen.

Image: “Opening a Case from a Referral Screen”

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