This article is meant to assist you with the People Tab in a Case Screen. The People Tab is a great place to store information, as this data will be accessible to all users within your agency.

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Case Screen: People Tab Layout

Image: “Case Screen: People Tab Layout”

Add Relationship

Existing relationships will appear. To add a relationship to the extendedReach system, click on “Add Relationship”.

Image: “Add Relationships Button”

Be sure to “Save” or “Save and Add Another” before closing this screen.

Image: “Add New Relationship Screen”

Relationship Information

Image: “Relationship Information”

Field Name Description
Type Type of relationship (person or organization)
Last Name Last name of the person
First Name First name of the person
Middle Name Middle name of the person
Employer The name of the company that the person works at
Title/Occupation Their title at the company
Date of Birth Person’s date of birth
Gender Person’s gender
Race Person’s race
Marital Status Person’s relationship status
Social Security Number Person’s social security number
Language Primary language spoken by the person
Religion Religion practiced by the person
Church Name of the church that the person belongs to
Birthplace Peron’s place of birth
Relationship Relationship this person has to the client
Specify If other, specify here
Approved Visitor Indicate whether this person is an approved visitor or not
Approved Phone Indicate whether this person is an approved caller or not
Flags Choose any of the following options
Send Updates Sends the person updates of the client
Emergency Contact Marks the person an emergency contact for the client
Do Not Provide Information Indicates to not provide information about the client to the person
Removed From this Home Represents the person was removed from the current home
New Address Since Removal Person has obtained a new address since removal
Incarcerated Indicates the person is currently incarcerated
Legal Guardian Indicate this person is a legal guardian
Deceased Indicates the person has passed away

Expiration Dates

Image: “Expiration Dates Screen”

Field Name Description
Driver License # Person’s drivers license number
Driver License Expiration Date Expiration date of the drivers license
Auto Insurance Indicate the name of the Auto Insurance Provider
Auto Insurance Expiration Date Date of Auto Insurance expiration
CPR Expiration Date Date of CPR certification expiration
First Aid Expiration Date Date of First Aid certification expiration


Image: “Clearances Screen”

Field Name Description
Central Registry Check Examines evidence that the individual has abused or neglected their child and the future risk to the child is high or intensive
Criminal Background Check A criminal record or police record is a record of a person’s criminal history
Completed Indicates whether the check has been completed or not
Results Drop-down menu of the results
Completed By Name of the worker who completed the checks

Current Address

Image: “Current Address Screen”

Field Name Description
Street Line 1 Client’s street address
Street Line 2 Client’s street address continued (for apartments, military bases, etc)
City City the client resides in
State State the client resides in
County County the client resides in
Home Phone Client’s home phone number
Work Phone N Client’s work phone number
Mobile Phone Client’s mobile phone number
Other Phone N Client’s misc. phone umber
Fax N Client’s fax number
E-mail Client’s email
Website N Relevant website

Copy from Other Case

One way to add a relationship to the People Tab, is to click on “Copy from Other Case”.

Image: “Copy from Other Case Button”

Select a relationship for the list and click on “OK”.

Image: “Copy from Other Case Screen”

Copy from Address Book

Another way to add a relationship to the People Tab, is to click on “Copy from Address Book”.

Image: “Copy from Address Book Button”

Filter the Category and then select a relationship for the list and click on “OK”.

Image: “Copy from Address Book Screen”

Sibling Group

Image: “Sibling Group Screen”

Field Name Description
Sibling Group ID Unique Sibling ID that connects siblings cases together

Image: “Sibling Group Select Screen”

Field Name Description
One or more sibling are not in care at this agency Add as relationships above
Show closed cases in this sibling group in list below Will display closed/discharged siblings cases

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