Release Document Version ID: REL-DIS-2.38.0-27Feb22
Release Date: February 27th, 2022
Release Version: 2.38.0
Supported Browsers: The most recent version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Features and Enhancements in this Release

Internal ID Title Description
DSR-177 Support Chat The DistillerSR live support chat has been replaced with Zendesk chat and the integrated Knowledge Base.
DSR-562 Support Chat DistillerSR Sales Team members can enable or disable support capabilities for users based on their subscription type.
DSR-11952 Support Chat Users cannot change their username or email when submitting a ticket using the support chat widget in DistillerSR.
DSR-10319 Password Policy The maximum password length that can be set as a Password Policy is 4,200 characters.
DSR-10321 Failed Login and Lockouts The Account Administrator and affected User will both receive an email with instructions to reset their password if they are locked out of their DistillerSR account after reaching the maximum number of login attempts.
DSR-11707 Failed Login and Lockouts Each failed login attempt and account lockout (when a user reaches the maximum number of login attempts) is captured in the Audit Log, including the date, time, username, and IP address of the attempt.
DSR-11884 Failed Login and Lockouts Emails sent to the Account Administrator and the affected User when the maximum number of login attempts are reached include instructions on where to find details about the login attempts.
DSR-10378 Audit Log: API Audit Log entries are created for every request coming through the API Gateway, with request details displayed in the Details column.
DSR-11560 Audit Log: API The IP address and activity of API users is displayed in the Audit Log.
DSR-11027 Aggregate Reports Aggregate Reports can be run across Projects with questions that have different answer options (i.e. radio type questions and checkbox questions with Compress checkboxes to one column enabled).
DSR-11272 Public API: Report Output The API can be used to specify the output format of saved Datarama reports so that the output is consistent with the original format, overriding the default JSON conversion (i.e. reports can be generated as CSV, Doc, etc.).
DSR-11600 Project Schema DistillerSR Support Staff can compare Project database schemas to a baseline to facilitate improved debugging.
DSR-11624 Subscription Plans DistillerSR Support Staff can configure the Zendesk Support features to which an account has access by specifying the Subscription Plan.
DSR-11644 Subscription Plans When DistillerSR Staff are creating a new account, the Plan and subscription details which will be assigned to the account are displayed.
DSR-11736 Subscription Plans On the internal Manage Limits screen, the Plans for a new account are non-editable.
DSR-11740 Subscription Plans The structure of the table containing user subscription Plan information on the internal Manage Limits screen has been updated for clarity.
DSR-11744 Subscription Plans DistillerSR staff who update accounts can add Zendesk Feature access beyond what is included in the base Subscription Plan.
DSR-11886 Subscription Plans Accounts maintain any existing accesses/limits purchased when a new Plan is assigned.
DSR-11635 Account Owner When DistillerSR Staff create new accounts, the Account Owner is populated with a default option.
DSR-11748 Unique Account ID The Universally Unique User Identifier (UUID) for accounts can be used to integrate internal systems used by Evidence Partners (e.g. DistillerSR integration with Zendesk Support widget).
DSR-11753 Text Update: Manage Limits Updates have been made to headers and buttons on the internal Manage Limits screen accessed by DistillerSR Staff.
DSR-11757 Text Update: Create Account Updates have been made to the labels and drop down menu options on the internal Create Account page accessed by DistillerSR Staff.
DSR-11761 Text Update: Manage Users Updates have been made to labels and button text on the Manage Users screen.
DSR-11765 Text Update: Edit User Updates have been made to labels and button text on the Edit User screen.
DSR-11871 Text Update: Manage Limits Column and row headers have been updated in the internal Manage Limits screen for ease of use by DistillerSR Staff.
DSR-11852 Navigation Menu The Support Chat icon has been removed from the top navigation menu and has been replaced with the Zendesk Support icon at the bottom right of the screen.
DSR-11909 Knowledge Base All DistillerSR accounts will have access to the DistillerSR Knowledge Base based on their Subscription Plan. The Knowledge Base can be accessed via the new Support icon or from the Evidence Partners website.
DSR-11944 Terms and Conditions Links to the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy have been added to the DistillerSR login screen.

Defects Corrected in this Release

Internal ID Description
DSR-11178 The servers’ Autoscaler is not scaling up resources consistently.
DSR-11416 XML files generated by Ovid® that contain non-printable characters cannot be parsed by Ovid® Connect.
DSR-11474 Users are able to delete System generated Reference Tags (e.g. RefID, distiller_reference_created_date, distiller_reference_upload_date) on the Delete Fields screen.
DSR-11561 In Datarama, a Custom Date Range specified in the Data Criteria tab results in additional rows from unselected Levels populating the report.
DSR-11679 Scheduled emailed reports with large file sizes (>5.7 MB) are not being sent to the specified recipients.
DSR-11708 Security vulnerability addressed in Datarama for using API to generate queries with a date range.
DSR-11877 When DistillerSR Sales staff create a new account, the Plan selected for the account is not saved to the database.

Technical Updates in this Release

Internal ID Title Description
DSR-9406 API Gateway The way the API Gateway routes calls to downstream services has been optimized.
DSR-10480 Security All services have been updated to the latest version to ensure security of tools.
DSR-11074 Services: PubMed Import A new health check library has replaced the current version to allow for verification of the PubMed Import service health.
DSR-11100 Services: Find Free Full Text A new health check library has replaced the current version to allow for verification of the Find Free Full Text service health.
DSR-11124 Services: LitConnect A new health check library has replaced the current version to allow for verification of the LitConnect service health.
DSR-11422 Services: API Gateway Downstream health checks of the API Gateway have been updated to be asynchronous in order to retrieve results more quickly when checking health.
DSR-11807 Services: API Gateway A new health check library has replaced the current version to allow for verification of the API Gateway service health and proper upgrade path for API Gateway dependencies.
DSR-11224 Services Multiple availability zones have been set for PubMed Import, Find Free Full Text, and LitConnect services.
DSR-11349 Database Database naming convention has been updated to support future testing.
DSR-11375 Composer Updates Composer packages have been updated to a newer version to improve memory management.
DSR-11379 Composer Updates Composer packages have been updated with major updates to improve security, and unused packages have been removed.
DSR-11500 Composer Updates Composer packages have been updated with minor updates to improve security.
DSR-11598 Security Docker images in use have been updated to the latest operating system.
DSR-11599 API Gateway The API Gateway load balancer has been updated for security.
DSR-11897 API Gateway Headers and POST data logged by requests from the API Gateway (and other services) have been modified so that sensitive information is hidden.
DSR-11640 Unique Account ID Each account has an assigned UUID to link the account to payments and DistillerSR Support tickets across internal systems used by Evidence Partners.
DSR-12128 Infrastructure Elastic Kubernetes Service has been updated to the latest version.