Release Document Version ID: REL-CUR-1.5.0-27Feb22
Release Date: February 27th, 2022
Release Version: 1.5.0
Supported Browsers: The most recent version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Features and Enhancements in this Release

Internal ID Title Description
DSR-11120 Multiple RefID Support References with multiple occurrences (e.g. same DOI/PMID but different RefIDs, such as cloned references) can be imported and displayed in CuratorCR. The Response Set section of a reference will display response sets organized by RefID.
DSR-11645 Copy Responses Clicking on a response in CuratorCR will copy the text to your computer’s clipboard, and subsequently can be pasted into a DistillerSR Form.

Defects Corrected in this Release

Internal ID Description
DSR-11656 Reference Fields and System Fields are blanked out after an import using the Update option when the field in the new version of a reference has no value.
DSR-12171 Individual Subforms and corresponding response sets can be exported from Datarama to CuratorCR.

Technical Updates in this Release

Internal ID Title Description
DSR-11951 Security Security vulnerability scan performed and vulnerabilities addressed.
DSR-12018 Cache Expiration An expiry time has been set for the server cache to improve available server memory.