1. Click Pay Day > Process Pays > Individual Employee or
    Click Pay Day from the Side Bar.
  2. Navigate to Payment Date and change to the date the payment will be processed.
  3. Navigate to Period Ending Date and change to the date the pay run will be processed.
  4. Double click on any employee that is to be included in this out-of-cycle Pay Run.
  5. An alert will display: Pay Run Dates have been changed. Please choose one of the following options.
  6. Select Change Payment Date to xx/xx/xxxx and Current Period Ending Date to xx/xx/xxxx.
  7. Click Click here to Continue.
  8. When composing the Employees Pay, click Line 2 (or next vacant pay line).
  9. Select the incorrect Pay Rate which was chosen in the previous Pay Run.
  10. Adjust the QTY to be negative the number of hours (eg. -7.6) you paid in the previous Pay Run.
  11. Click Line 3 (or next vacant pay line).
  12. Select the Pay Rate which should have been paid in the previous pay run.
  13. Adjust the QTY to match what you should have paid – this will be the same as paid in the previous pay run but now with the correct Pay Rate chosen.
  14. Make any other changes as necessary.
  15. Click Pending or OK to save all changes.
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Last modified: Sep 30, 2022