Q. My business doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements for the first JobKeeper Extension period, what do I need to do now?

A. In short? Nothing. As a JK-TIER Allowance is required for all eligible employees for JobKeeper Payments from FN14 forward, by NOT reporting a JK-TIER Allowance, you are advising the ATO that you are no longer continuing to claim.

Q. What if I’m then eligible for the second JobKeeper Extension period?

A. Add the relevant JOBKEEPER-START-FN and JK-TIER Allowances and include them in your first Pay Run of the second JobKeeper Extension period.

Q. I’ve seen others using JK-ST-FN, JK-FI-FN, and JK-TOPUP is one of us reporting incorrectly?

A. During the original implementation of JobKeeper Payment, the ATO was made aware of the fact that some providers were unable to accommodate the character length for the original Allowances. The ATO has now provided alternative short form codes that can be used. As e-PayDay® is able to accommodate the original Allowances, we felt that it wasn’t necessary to document both options as this could cause confusion.

Q. My employees hours have changed since the reference period, do I need to change their tier level?

A. No. Once an employees tier has been reported, they will remain on that tier for the duration of the JobKeeper Extension period. If you have made a genuine error with reporting an employees tier level please lodge a support request here

Q. Do I need to report the JobKeeper Allowances every Pay Period?

A. No, the only Allowance that should be used on multiple occasions is JOBKEEPER-TOPUP for employees that require topping-up on a more regular basis.

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Last modified: Sep 28, 2020