08-06-2018 Theme Performance live


Category images do not hide, when show ‘off’.

Fixed this, category images don’t show now, when set to ‘don’t show’.


When having no tags in a blog post, Tags will not show anymore.

Contact – Facebook, Instagram

When leaving the fields empty, these point don’t show up anymore.

Footer bar

When leaving all social icons empty, the title ‘follow us’ still shows up. This is fixed now.

Info button @ usp’s

When leaving the extra info field empty, this does not show up anymore.

Discount bar on mobile

This button didn’t show any text. This is fixed now.


New feature: own text labels

From now on possible to enter your own text labels with your own color via data02

13-06 / 15-06

New productpage options

  • Hide the ‘this is it’ block
  • Show full description permanent and small description on the right side
  • Brandname is hidden before the title. Option ‘show brand’ is now under the full title

Bug in search bar

The prices excl. VAT was shown with wrong styling, fixed now.

Menu ‘show more’ option added

When there were more than 20 submenu items, some users mentioned it’s too long. There is a ‘show more’ button now

Wishlist – updates

Hide wishlist options are now fixed.

Video in productpage – new description

There was another description in the manual about the video in product page.

19 june fixes

Extra feature: show brandtitles before title

This feature shows the brandtitle before the title. It’s based in ‘products’.

Compare module

Set the limit back to 5 products.

Read more button

There is an extra setting for collection, catalog pages: show ‘read more’ link. To show the rest of your content.

Short description on productpage

Set to max. 3 lines now

Trustmark was missing on productpage

As we have made the usp top bar in the header disapeared in design productpage, to create more content above the fold. The trustmark was missing there. This is fixed now.

Fix: descriptions on productpage

Some new features are added on productpage to switch with your product descriptions.

July 11th

performance fixex and updates

• Async loading of some css and scripts.
• Major chunk involves lazy loading of images on homepage, collection and other critical components (Excludes header as header eventually loads first). Hence, in nutshell over a couple of days. I’ve made the page loading size comparatively less on first load. On scroll it will fetch for other images. Hence, less http call on initial load.

July 12th

Yotpo integration

We’ve integrated Yotpo in theme Performance.

Update in prices

The prices have different designs now, smaller, more efficient, less weight.

August 3rd

Major speed updates

The last month we have applied a lot of speed improvements with different specialists. Clearly visible improvements in load times.

Regular bugfixing

Theme Performance is almost bugfree. Out of 100 users we hardly have any complaints about bugs or disfunctionalities.


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