From the Video menu, you can view all of the cameras that are on your system. Select a camera to view live video.

Edit a Camera

To edit a camera, press the More icon in the upper right corner of the camera’s tile and select Edit.

Edit Camera Name
To change the camera name, select the Edit icon next to the current name. Enter a new name, then select the Done icon.

Record on Motion
To set a camera to record when motion is detected, select Record on Motion and then choose Always, Never, or When Armed.

Record on Alarm
To set a camera to record when the system goes into alarm, switch on the option in the camera settings. When enabled, the camera will attempt to provide recorded footage beginning five seconds before an alarm and end fifteen seconds after the alarm. Two additional twenty-second clips will be available for a total of one minute of footage.

Flip Image
Turn this option on in camera settings to change the perspective of ceiling-mounted cameras and keep the correct perspective.

Motion Detection Regions
Place, adjust, and delete up to four regions of motion detection per camera. The camera will record footage from five seconds before until fifteen seconds after motion is detected in one of the regions of motion detection.