The Settings page provides personal preference options for your Virtual Keypad space. Learn how to edit your settings by completing the following steps.

Edit Your Name

Select First Name or Last Name to edit the first or last name on your profile.

Change Your Password

The new password must contain a minimum of 10 characters and must contain two of these four types of characters:

  • Lowercase letters
  • Uppercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Symbols

In New Password, enter your new password. Enter you new password again in Confirm Password. Press Change Password.

Change Thermostat Temperature Unit

Change how the thermostat feature displays the temperature. Choose either F (Fahrenheit) or C (Celsius).

Edit System Settings

Switch on the Save User Code toggle to save your user code so you won’t need to enter your code every time you log in to Virtual Keypad.

Switch on the Default System toggle to make the current system the first one displayed when you open Virtual Keypad.

Edit Zone Chime Sounds

You can assign a chime sound to certain zones in your system.

To assign a chime to a zone, choose Doorbell, Ascend, or Descend from the dropdown in that zone’s row.

To remove a chime from a zone, choose Off from the dropdown in that zone’s row.

Reload Systems

Press Reload Systems to retrieve updated information from all your available systems.

Local System Settings

Some settings are saved in local system programming and cannot be accessed from Virtual Keypad. These include time (clock), volume, and chime settings. To change these settings from your keypad, refer to the appropriate guide for your system type: