Learn how to configure camera settings by completing the following steps.

Set Point

On pan and tilt cameras, you can configure up to three set points. Once configured, you can quickly move the camera’s field of view to different areas. Adjust the camera’s view with the bars on the side and bottom of the viewer window. When the camera is positioned, press and hold the Set Point icon below the viewer window to create the set point. When you press the Set Point button, the camera will relocate to that exact set point.

Recording Video Clips with SecureCom or Digital Watchdog Cameras

Select the red Record button to manually record a video clip.

View Recorded Video Clips

Select Clips to view a list of previously recorded video clips. Clips are ordered by date and time.

Name Recorded Clips
Select the video clip name to rename the clip.

Protect Clips
When viewing a clip, select the Lock icon to save the video from being overwritten.

Download Clips
Select the Download icon to download a clip.