Learn how to arm or disarm your system, check zone status, and handle faulted zones by completing the following steps.

Arm or Disarm Your System

You can arm or disarm your system from the System Overview page.

All/Perimeter Systems
Press the All/Perimeter icon in Arming to arm or disarm your system. The system’s current status is displayed at the bottom of the Arming section.

Area Systems
Press the Shield icon next to your programmed zones to arm or disarm those zones. You can also choose to arm or disarm your entire system by selecting Arm All or Disarm All.

Check Zone Status

To check the status of a zone, select Zone Status in the upper right corner of the Arming section. All the zones programmed on that system display with Faulted Zones listed first, followed by OK Zones.

An icon is displayed in each zone’s row under the Status column: A green checkmark means the zone is normal, a yellow triangle means the zone is faulted, and a red circle with a line through it means the zone is bypassed.

To bypass a zone, switch on Bypass in the row of that zone and select Close. To return the zone to normal, switch off Bypass and select Close.

Manage Faulted Zones

When arming your system, some zones may not be in a normal condition. For instance, a window has been left open or a door is not fully closed. A list of Faulted Zones is displayed in Zone Status. Depending on system configuration, you can choose how the system handles the faulted zones from the following options:

  • Okay—The faulted zones will be armed when they return to normal, such as the door is shut properly or the window is closed.
  • Bypass—The zones will be ignored even if they become normal while the system is armed. If the zones return to normal, they will be included the next time the system is armed.
  • Cancel—Arming is cancelled and the system remains disarmed.