Holiday schedules are useful for days when exceptions need to be made to normal opening and closing times. To add, remove, and assign holiday dates to your schedules, complete the following steps.

Add a Holiday Date

  1. Go to Schedules > Holiday Dates.
  2. Press Add Holiday.
  3. Name the holiday.
  4. Choose a Date.
  5. Choose a Class.
  6. In the row of the new holiday schedule, press the green Checkmark icon.
  7. To return to the Schedule page, press the Close icon near the upper left corner of the Holiday Dates pane.

Remove a Holiday Date

  1. Go to Schedules > Holiday Dates.
  2. In the row of the holiday that you want to remove, press the Remove icon.
  3. A dialog pops up to confirm your decision. To remove the holiday, press Confirm.

Assign a Holiday to a Schedule

  1. Go to Schedules.
  2. Select a schedule. The Holiday section is displayed under Times.
  3. To view basic information about the Holiday Dates, press the Info icon next to Holiday.
  4. The default for holiday schedules is Closed. To change the start or end time of the holiday for that schedule, choose times in Begin and End.
  5. Press Save.