Add a Code or Credential

  1. Go to Users.
  2. Select the user that you want to edit.
  3. Go to User Codes & Credentials. Tap the Add icon.
  4. Tap in the name field and give the code or credential a name.
  5. To make the code temporary, select Temporary, then select a Start Date and Expiration Date.
  6. In Type, select Code or Credential.
  7. To edit the user Number, deselect Use first available number.
  8. For codes, enter the user’s code.
  9. For credentials, enter an Internal Number. If necessary, enter an External Number.
  10. To send the code to Z-Wave locks, toggle on Send code to locks.
  11. To make the code or credential inactive, tap Inactive. Codes and credentials are set to Active by default.
  12. Tap Save.

Remove a Credential

  1. Go to Users.
  2. Select the user that you want to edit.
  3. In User Codes & Credentials, tap Remove in the tile of the code or credential that you want to remove.
  4. Tap Save.

Codes and Credentials Reference

Codes and credentials are used to control access to parts of a system based on associated user profiles or permissions.

Code—The number that the user enters at a keypad to perform actions.
Credential—A card or patch that communicates with card readers when it’s scanned.
Number—Identifies the user to the system and used by Virtual Keypad to store user data, such as credential details and disarming actions.
Internal Number—The number stored inside a card that is transmitted to a reader when it’s scanned. The internal number contains the site code, user code, and other bits of data programmed into the card by the manufacturer.
External Number—The number that is printed on the outside of the card. The external number is different from the internal number and is used for keeping track of the cards that are assigned to specific users.