View all programmed zones along with the status of each zone. You will see one of the following status indicators:

  • Green check mark—The zone is normal.
  • Yellow triangle—The zone has faulted.
  • Red no symbol—The zone has been bypassed.

Insufficient Permissions

If you do not have sufficient authorization to arm all areas, Virtual Keypad sends you an alert. The zone remains disarmed but all other areas with sufficient permissions arms.

Faulted Zones

Some zones may not be in a normal condition. For instance, a window may be open or a door is not fully closed. A list of faulted zones displays. Choose one of the following options to resolve faulted zones:

  • Okay—The faulted zones are armed when they return to normal, such as the door is shut properly or the window is closed.
  • Bypass—The zones are ignored even if they become normal while the system is armed. If the zones return to normal, they are included the next time the system is armed.
  • Cancel—Arming is stopped and the system remains disarmed.