Select a System

The name of the selected system is displayed at the top of the app. Complete the following steps to switch systems.

Tap the currently displayed system name. A list of all available systems becomes visible. Select the system that you want to access. The app redirects you to the user code login screen.

Enter Your User Code

  1. Enter your user code.
  2. To have your user code automatically entered when you sign in, switch on Save User Code.
  3. Tap the Arrow icon to proceed.

Set a Cover Photo (iOS only)

The app asks you if you’d like to set a cover photo. This is a one-time message. If you’d like to do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Set Cover Photo.
  2. Select Choose From Library or Camera.
  3. The app asks for permission to access your photos or camera. If you agree to grant permission, select OK.
  4. Select or take a photo.

Once a photo is selected, it appears at the top of the Arming screen.

If you select Later and want to add a cover photo at a later time, tap the Edit icon on the Arming screen then select Cover Photo.