Create and edit users and credentials from your Virtual Keypad App. You may have more than one way to interact with the system such as having a user code to use at the keypad or proximity card or token to use for access control. Use this feature to have user codes, proximity cards, and proximity tokens displayed within each user in your app.

Create a New User and Their Credential(s)

  1. Access your system and select Users in the navigation menu.
  2. Tap the plus icon by Users and enter a First and Last Name and assign yourself or the user a Profile.
  3. Tap the plus icon by User Codes and Credentials to add a credential.
  4. Select a credential Type, Number, and assign a user Code to use at the keypad. If creating a proximity card or token, either enter the Internal Number if known, or use the 1301N Nano Card Reader to identify the card or token number being assigned.
  5. New credentials will default to apply the same user profile that is assigned to that user. To disable this option and manage codes and credentials manually, tap the box next to Apply the same profiles to all user codes and credentials.
  6. Tap Save.